Our Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship from?

All products are shipped from Australia

How often should I use the Home Hygienist?
We recommend using daily as part of your oral hygiene routine. Due to the convenience and feeling of it though, you will find yourself using it more than once!

Will I get gum bleeding during first use?
This can happen if you were not a regular flosser. Don’t be worried, this will only last a few days until your gum health improves.
If bleeding persists, please consult your dental health professional

Does this replace brushing and flossing?
Water flossing should be in addition to your current dental routine.

Does the Home Hygienist work with braces and wires?
Yes, the use of water makes it easier to get into those hard places. There is also a specific attachment to help you work around difficult spots where build up can occur.

Will I experience any sensitivity?
This can occur in places that may already have existing issues or if you have sensitive teeth. Using warm water is recommended for sensitive teeth.
If pain occurs please refer to your dental health professional.

What is the warranty period for the Home Hygienist?
Your device has a limited 1 year warranty from purchase. Please see website for further details.

How do I charge the Home Hygienist?
The led indicator will flash red when your device is low. Remove the rubber plug and use the USB cable provided to charge.

Can I use solutions in the Home Hygienist?
Yes you can. For a fresh burst you can add a small amount of mouth wash to your desired level.

Can I purchase extra Home Hygienist accessories?
Yes please contact us on smile@homehygienist.com.au with your requirements

Is the Home Hygienist waterproof?
Yes and you can use your device in the shower. You just need to make sure you have the rubber plug in the charging hole. Your original purchase had 2 of these provided. The waterproof rating is IPX7